Hottest New Brands in Food Service in 2018

The multicultural and rich demographic currently living in the UK has given a powerful boost to the food and beverage industry in the past few decades. Local interest and growing social importance of food has increased the amount of annual expenditure on food and beverage up to £203 Billion in the year 2016!

What does that tell us? The growing numbers show that this industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the whole of UK. Many entrepreneurs entering the market choose this industry to start their journey towards success.

Every year, several companies enter into the food and beverage market to make their mark and become people favourites. They use new technologies, research and innovative ideas to set themselves apart and offer products that catch the eyes of their target market. Some of these new companies make it big in the industry and can be seen quickly filling up shelves in super markets and gaining social media attention.

As the consumers rapidly develop new tastes and appetite for better and healthier food options, new companies get their chances to grab the market with suitable products. Each year you will find customer reviews and recommendations telling what new companies are currently selling the “hottest” products, and why people are flocking towards them.

Even though the year 2018 is not even halfway through, multiple companies have come and gone in the food and beverage industry in the UK. Some of these companies have stuck their ground and have made it through by offering interesting new products through tactful marketing.

To find out what companies had made it through to becoming a hit; we did a bit of research and found the four new brands that were worth mentioning:

1.     Ugly

You might be thinking… Ugly? What kind of company is that? Well let us tell you that Ugly is a funky new beverage company.


You might wonder why th  ey chose the name Ugly for a drink. Well according to the owners of brand, they are all for exposing the “Ugly truth”. They believe that many products make nutritional promises that they fail to deliver in the end, but Ugly is just a drink, no promises. And this fact is the ugly truth; hence the name, Ugly.

The brand sells cans of 100% natural sparkling water, available in four different flavours; Orange, lemon lime, triple berry and tropical. The drinks are made with all natural products with no added chemicals and synthetic flavouring. According to the owners, Ugly also doesn’t contain any added preservatives, GMOs and caffeine.

But that’s not it! Ugly is also gluten free and perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike! What makes them even more interesting? The can the drink comes in is 100% recyclable!

Although the brand does not claim to be the best healthy drink out there in the market, the ingredient list speaks for itself. With no harmful chemicals and a recyclable can, the drink seems to be all over a better option for sparkling water.

If you want to try a sip for yourself then head on to their website and buy yourself a refreshing beverage. You can also find a stock of Ugly at the following places:

  • Tescos
  • Whole Foods
  • Com
  • Holland & Barret
  • Planet Organic
  • WHSmith and more.

You can also get it delivered immediately in the UK with Uber eats.

2.     Prima Foods

Prima Foods has been providing the ready meal and wholesale sector with bakery mixes, meal components and home-baking products. They use technology and new innovative techniques to create products that are designed to provide ease of use for the customers.


They have a range of products that can be used by mass food producers, small scale bakeries and everyday home bakers. The products include meal components like frozen stuffing balls, choux pastry, dumpling; bakery shortenings like beef and vegetable suet and others.

Recently, Prima Foods has introduced a new line of Gluten free meal components in their product lines.

Gluten allergy is one of the most common types of allergy across the world, and also the hardest to avoid. Why? Because bread and other carbohydrates are the most commonly consumed food group, and it contains gluten.

Prima’s gluten free line provides the regular baking items like choux pastry, scones, dough balls, coatings, sponge, mini bites, pudding and short-crust pastry in gluten free forms so everyone can enjoy the same great tasting food, without a worry. The new line of product also contains a gluten free shortening.

Visit their website here to find out more about the company and their products.

3.     Dr. Will’s

With their aim to revolutionize and redefine condiments, Dr. Will’s has made themselves standout with their healthy and low sugar ketchup and BBQ sauce.

Realising that big brand ketchup has more preservatives, chemicals and artificial sugars than actual tomatoes; Dr. Will’s developed ketchup that contains half the amount of sugar than name brand ketchup, and that too sweetened naturally with dates.


The brand offers three sauces, regular ketchup, BBQ sauce and beet root ketchup, all made with natural products. According to the brand, the sauces have sharp flavours from real tomatoes, beetroots, herbs and spices. They include no animal product, which makes it vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Featured in multiple online reviews, Dr. Will’s condiments have been said to be just as delicious and tangy as regular ketchup and BBQ sauce. If you would like to try the sauces for yourself then either visit their website here, or purchase from the following places:

  • Planet organic
  • Selfridges & Co.
  • Harvest N16
  • Sourced Market
  • Amazon and more.

4.     Dalston’s

Unlike other beverage companies, Dalston’s is a hip, new brand that offers healthier versions of the usual soft drinks. According to the owner himself, Dalton’s aim is to bring soda that is infused with natural and real ingredients, while packing the same punch of flavour and with less sugar.


The brand offers ethically made soda prepared with real fruit and one third the amount of sugar used in other name brand sodas. The sodas are also free of any artificial flavouring and added preservatives. They are made in a small brewery based in London. Each flavour is developed after extensive research and in-house production done by the team.

The soda comes in six different flavours; Cherryade, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Orangeade, Cola, and Elder Flower. You can find more about their story and about their sodas on their website here.

All four of these businesses are doing something unique and interesting in their own way. But all four have a common theme, healthier and more eco-friendly products, suitable for all kinds of people. And if you are searching for such healthy and environment friendly food and drinks, then these brands are your answer. Give them a try and find out yourself if they taste as nice as they look.