See What’s Trending at The National Restaurant Association Show 2018

Between 18th – 21st May 2018 the culinary giants gathered in Chicago to share top secrets and swap ideas for the next new wave that will hit the food business.

Every year Chicago throws a mouthwatering food festival just for professionals. The National Restaurant Association Show is one of the biggest events every culinary professional looks forward to so that they can showcase their latest innovations and swap ideas.

The sole mission being: The greater good for food.

The four day event gave our representative a lot to chew on:

“It was a pleasure to spend time with American colleagues at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. There was a key focus around a more healthy approach to foodservice... This took a number of forms but in particular their focus around protein based snacking is market leading…As always the show provided a fantastic insight into where the market is heading and how foodservice operators need to stay ahead of the curve.”

-Daniel Head

Here is a sneak peek at all the trendy products that will soon be the talk of the culinary town:

1. Meat Decoys: High in protein, low in meat.

These two vegan-friendly alternatives can fool any meat lover out there:

Beyond Sausage is the meat decoy vegetarians were waiting for.

This juicy meatless sausage can compete with any of its meaty rivals. The product ticks all our boxes for being a healthy substitute to any recipe that requires oily greasy fattening sausages or pork.

Impossible Burger makes the impossible possible.

This plant-based burger packs a delicious punch with very few ingredients. The right blend of water, wheat and potato protein, coconut oil and heme is the secret recipe for its success.

2. Gluten Free is Key.

 The food industry is becoming inclusive to consumers that are gluten-sensitive:

Manifesto Gluten Free Brownies served up a heavenly batch.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these gluten-free goodies. The makers boast that not only is this product gluten free but the eggs come from hens that weren’t caged. Making this an animal friendly product people can guiltlessly devour.

Plant Based Gluten Free Crusts takes the pizza experience to a whole new level.

Venice Bakery invented these scrumptious, gluten free, vegetable based crusts. The cheddar cheese broccoli crust is as cheesy as its wheat counterpart while the seasoned cauliflower crust is high on flavours but low on carbs.

3. Camouflaged Vegetables have everyone confused.

Beet salsa has our palate doing the tango.

Beetroots are the trendiest vegetables in the market every chef is incorporating in their meals. The Beet Lovers took this to heart and created a spicy beet salsa that will give your Mexican meals a beet-y twist.

Naked Bars are the new snacks in town.

These nutritional bars are in three different varieties: nut, fruit and vegetables. The intensified natural flavours of the main ingredient and make up for a lip smacking energy bar you can munch on.


Our take from the fest when it comes to garnering popularity in the consumer market these days is Go green and pro protein!


Matthew Norton