5 Essential Ingredients for an Award Winning Food or Drink Product


Take-outs are the new norm, restaurants are becoming more boutique and even supermarket ready-to-eat brands are getting in on the ‘dining experience’. With food trends across the globe becoming ever more a part of our identities and food an ever-increasing source of social media content, how do you make your food and drink products award winning? Or at least, instaworthy. 


Annotation: nom noms, winner of over 30 awards for innovation and taste 

Start with ‘why’

In order to become an award-winning food brand, the first thing you need is a ‘why’, the defining reason behind everything you do - from recruitment and recipes to packaging and PR. Your why drives your mission - the ultimate goal that your products are born out of.

Take a look at award-winning brands like nom noms and Prima Foods, and their missions share common features. They’re a blueprint for success, but your mission should always be tailored to your own ‘why’.

Here’s the 5 ingredients you’ll need if you’re going to make award winning food or drink:

1. High Quality

If you’ve got your mission locked down, this should come naturally. Quality is the foundation of any great food or drink product, but to be award-winning you’ll need to be premium quality, which is reflected in the ingredients. It’s not about being expensive, it’s about innovation, presentation and how your product stimulates all of the senses.

2. Market Knowledge

What do your audience’s taste buds demand? Is it certain flavors or is it always something new? You’ll need to be smart about your product development as well as passionate. Run trials, taste tests and involve your audience in product development. This collaboration will help you innovate and disrupt the marketplace, allowing you to discover the unique and exotic tastes people like.


Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 19.32.51.png

Annotation: One of Prima Foods’ award-winning gluten-free baking mixes

3. Consistency and Innovation

They’re opposites but you’ll need them both in your business if you’re going win awards. The ability to deliver the same great taste over and over will help you build a loyal customer base. These customers are you free marketing team - sharing their love for your products to whomever will listen, and in doing so, helping you win awards.

Whilst consistency is key, it’s innovation that will keep mouths salivating (and talking). New products will appeal to influencers, that crucial group of people whose trusted opinions drive mainstream interest in your goods. If you’re always developing and in constant conversation with your customers, then innovation will be part of your every day. 

4. High Ethical Standards

An ethical approach to food and drink production is more important than ever, with consumers increasingly keen to know the provenance of what they’re eating. When you’re in the public spotlight, any little faux pas can undermine your products, no matter how great they may be. From preparation to packaging, distribution to waste management, everything needs to be done the right way.

Going back to nom noms, they put their ethical approach up front and center. Nom noms, a multi-compartment cuisine concept, shouts loud about ‘Staying true to one’s culture and nutritious food’. In addition, they actively engage in a lot of charity work to help others. 

Ethical recognition from a well-known body is a trustworthy indicator of a brand’s approach to doing business right. This has more of a bearing on consumer buying behavior (and award recognition) today, than at any point in the history of food production.

5. Be Remarkable

What are you doing different? What new experiences are you putting in front of people and how are you making meal-times feel special? This is your chance to stand out in a very busy marketplace for consumers - they’re overwhelmed with choice and want you to help them decide.

Returning to our two case study companies, nom noms has received around 30 awards, including the ‘Fresh Ideas Award’ and ‘Best New Children’s Food’ award. Look at those words: ‘Fresh’ and ‘New’ - these should be attributes that your products embody.

Prima Foods have won the ‘Chef’s Choice’award for its Chef’s Promise line - gluten-free ingredients that allowed people to cook healthy meals at home. Again, it’s a new concept that took home the prize.