5 months in the life of working with start ups..

Tom Ellor, head of our retail food development sector tells us how he has found his first 5 months working at Visionary Food Solutions.

This would traditionally be a 3 or 6 month review but 5 months for some reason feels the right time to reflect. This nicely leads into my first observation about working for Visionary Group Ltd - usual barriers and rules aren’t stuck to as the whole company ethos is around flexibility and doing what feels right.  

The other novel phenomenon is the utmost transparency we operate with both ourselves as a group and with our clients/brands. Most people can empathise with having to sometimes be ‘economical with the truth’ to their boss when it comes to bad news, here we practise frank and open dialogue across the whole group so if something doesn’t work we aim to fix it or try something different rather than blaming individuals for perceived failures. This approach also extends to the brands we work with as a 3rd party, usually one might have to cloud and muddy issues or focus on the positives at the detriment of credibility. Again, at Visionary we build trust with our clients by providing candid feedback on leads or on products which can be challenging in the short term but leads to a stronger relationship and business in the long term. 

‘No day is the same’ is probably one of the oldest clichés in the book but that won’t deter me from trotting it out one more time. Having come from a traditional account management background I could previously anticipate who I would speak to and what the challenges might be on most days. Now I work with multiple clients, across different categories with different customers so the challenges I come up against are both varied and multiple. Being out of your comfort zone is a distressing experience but when you reflect on this it’s actually thrilling, especially if you’re constantly out of it because you’re developing and stretching yourself at an incredible rate of knots to the point where you find previously difficult situations as fairly humdrum and being able to overcome and tackle issues far quicker.  

This was meant to be a blog on my experience of Visionary to date so I apologise for veering into self-help guide. I will summarise that I have found the first 5 months incredibly flexible, unusually transparent, unexpectedly varied and ultimately highly rewarding.

Becci Glastonbury