Entrepreneur of the Month - International day of the girl

On this special day - the international day of the girl, we are celebrating all those girl bosses out there! A statistic from the HrDirector.com states that women account for 39% of entrepreneurs in the UK.

This month we spoke to Jacqueline Barleycorn the female founder of The Great British Porridge company which launched in the end of 2017. The brand was created after the realisation there was a gap in the market for natural but instant porridge. After only being in the market for a few years, the brand is already holding its own against the big names on the shelves. We believe their quick build in community through customer engagement in the market has been significantly supported by the simplistic but clear branding. Jacqueline had the simple aim to get rid of boring breakfasts with a great British heritage product.

Speaking to Jacqueline, we found out some top tips for upcoming entrepreneurs. 

 What advice would you give other people looking to enter the food industry as an entrepreneur?

The advice I would give is to spend time doing your research beforehand, this could be by visiting lots of tradeshows which can inspire you and give you insights into what’s being offered in the current market and alternatively show you what consumers are looking for. Next tip is to talk to as many people as possible and understand the experiences of people who have launched a product into the market. Tip three is to believe in your product and be open to ideas! Lastly, the golden words are to check, check and check again because mistakes are expensive!

How do you achieve a work life balance owning your own business? 

The only way to achieve a work life balance is to have an incredibly supportive family which is what I have!

What exciting product news have you got in the pipeline?

We have exciting new flavours to add to the range plus a couple of other things which are top secret!

Lowri Allen