Why Are Brits Becoming Pro-Protein?

‘Average Briton eats 25.1kg of protein a year, which equates to 69g a day’

It may have seemed like a fleeting food fad in the early 2010’s, but the protein rich diet has gradually accelerated for many of us. The food trend has sky-rocketed in demand and consumption into 2018 with a huge array of new products on the market to satisfy this booming demand.

There are many factors that have pushed this food trend forward.

Why is a high protein diet important?

The benefits for protein are countless. To put it briefly, protein helps our bodies grow and repairs tissues with the help of the ‘building blocks’ amino acids.


What are some common protein sources?

There are 22 amino acids essential for growth and they are found in different combinations across the food spectrum:

Animal Proteins: fish, poultry, meat, dairy and eggs

Plant Proteins: beans, lentils, soy, quinoa and tofu

Why is protein diet popular?

One glance at the list above will make you realize that the food rich in protein is easily available to the general consumer.

Previously, the gym goers and athletes made protein an essential part of their lives. Now, the high obesity and heart diseases have made people realise that the saying ‘you are what you eat’ holds true on accounts of good health too.

Many diets like Atkins and Paleo focused on high protein intake. They seduce people with the promise to boost immune systems, help repair muscles (which are great for aging).

Another motivation was that protein rich diets aren’t as limited as their gluten-free, sugar-free rivals because they were more about eating more super-foods than avoiding certain foods. This was the only hook any foodie needed to come on board.

What does this mean for the food industry?

According to many reports the food markets and culinary professionals have to ‘be prepared on protein’ as this is what the customers want.

Albeit, this does not mean just plain old chicken breasts and whipped up Greek yogurts. The youth wants more than their traditional cuts of proteins on their diet plan. Meaning that innovative food packaging that is pro-protein is the way to go for anyone who needs to stay in food business.

This desire to stay healthy has also given an opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain some limelight as they might offer something original and consumer specific that the general food companies might not.

We recently tried 'In The Buffs' Vegan and Gluten Free Protein Ketchup. It’s amazing how brands are innovating to deliver a solution to those seeking more protein in their diet. We've seen high protein diets rise in popularity across the Globe and it was very apparent on our recent trip to Chicago when we visited the NRA show. Products like this will become a staple purchase for those conscious of their macros but who can't live without something to dip their chip in.

The Nom Nom World Foods is one other family business that has creating international cuisines that carry high health credentials as a core requirement. Their wraps are deliciously nutritious and have the world wrapped around in their insides. As an example their Caribbean Jerk chicken Wrap has 32g of protein in it! While through Get Nourished ice coffees the lactose intolerant folks can get a sip of yummy high protein drinks that kick start their mornings with that caffeine boost (there’s 25g of protein per bottle but tastes like there’s none in there!) They can end the work out sessions with scrumptious nutty bars from Primal Pantry that do not have the aftertaste of those artificial additives that make your mouth bitter. There protein bars contain 15g of complete plant protein (per bar) for enhanced recover and are delicious.

Our verdict: Great Britain will be feasting on protein for a long healthy life for years ahead!



Matthew Norton