Christmas Launches from 2021


Christmas time brings a window of opportunity in the marketing world for brands to secure their popularity and establish their products as a family favorite as diets are put on hold in this time of indulgence. 


Effective design for Christmas launches thrilling  

When launching a brand ready for the Christmas period, a key feature to focus on is the exclusivity of the product, one major way that brands achieve this is the design of the packaging. A prime example of utilising the design is the Fairfields farm crisp packaging; in particular the colour scheme with its’ use the colour gold not only indicates the luxury of the product but also its rarity. This, together with the Christmas themed snowflakes, Fairfields has created a design that also hints at its limited availability. By using these effects and keeping it simple Fairfields has, in my opinion, successfully created a design that captures the Christmas spirit and reflects the quality of their product. 

Do you have a potential product idea to launch at Christmas? 

When considering this question, it is important to think about what Christmas time means to people. Christmas is a time of tradition and nostalgia especially for the food and drink industry; for example how tasting certain foods can take you back to a special memory of who, when and where you share this memory with. As we all put our diets on hold for the holidays, Christmas is treasure trove of flavours from roast turkey, pigs in blankets to chocolates and all our favourite desserts, not to mention all the throat warming drinks enjoyed during the festivities, such as brandy, mulled wine, eggnog and champagne. Thus, we see the most successful Christmas product launches are the ones that can tap into nostalgic flavours of the season. Take this selection of vegan cheeses, a good cheeseboard is a regular feature on the Christmas party table, perfect for the whole family to enjoy and as we’re becoming a much more environmentally and health-conscious society this product can boast a 100% vegan, appealing to both environmentalism and a healthy alternative to dairy made cheese. 


What a successful Christmas launch can do for your brand 

For the food and drink industry, Christmas time is arguably the most lucrative time for brands to establish themselves as family favourites and become a regular in the home. If your brand can associate themselves with a quality product, the use of food and drink as popular stocking fillers can help propel your brands popularity and sales annually. In this time of indulgence and giving, it creates a perfect opportunity for your brand to forge a path to achieving your goals of growth and expansion. A great example of the effectiveness of this marketing strategy is the recent phenomena of Christmas TV ads, one of the most talked about advertisement events of the year is the release of these cinematic like ads that give brands an opening to put the fun back into advertisement and really connect with a target audience; planting the seed of nostalgia in the hearts of possible future customers that can has untold amounts of potential. 


Marketing Assistant
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