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We work with brands needing commercial support to accelerate their business. Our strengths sit in transforming and upscaling UK businesses for growth across numerous markets. So if you need mentoring through your challenges, strategy creation, channel entry planning or more, get in touch.


Foodservice can be a complex area of sales and this package will give you a better understanding of how to navigate this field. This package is perfect for food and drink brands across all categories that have not yet fully explored foodservice. It gives brand founders the opportunity to be seen in the marketplace.

What we offer:
• You will feature in our portfolio which introduces your brand to buyers & key decision makers within foodservice
• You will gain a better understanding of the marketplace and where your product fits in order to help shape your Foodservice Sales Strategy
• We will conduct a project review and advise you on the next stage
• You will be able to contact us throughout the entire project

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This package is suitable for businesses' who have a basic understanding of foodservice and already have a foot in the door. The PRO+ package gives a more strategic approach to foodservice with us as an extension to you team, allowing you to scale your business!

What we offer:
• We will help create your foodservice strategy
• We provide assessment of marketing material & commercial proposition
• We will approach targeted end users to introduce brand and build a case for listing
• We will also target wholesale and other sector contacts
• Our team will be available to attend meetings with buyers and other key decison makers
• Provide support with launch strategy, joint business plans & promotional campaigns
• Monthly team meetings to review progress
• Support throughout the entire project

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This package is a cost-effective way for businesses to manage their foodservice sales. It provides short- or medium-term support for when you don't have the capacity or resource to manage foodservice customers as well as growing sales! Our team can become an extension to your team to provide this service!

What we offer:
• We will provide ongoing business development services to your business to grow new leads
• You will have a dedicated account manager to nurture already established relationships • Your account manager will become an integrated team member
• We will provide support with joint business plans & promotional campaigns
• We will conduct monthly team meetings to review progress
• We will provide support throughout the entire project

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William Rhys-Davies

The Bake Shed

"We wouldn’t have been as successful in the US if it wasn’t for Visionary. Once we had product in the US we were securing launches with retailers at a rate of 1 per month, which was incredible! This was thanks to the hard work and dedication through emails, phone calls as well as helping face to face in the US!"

Kieran Walton

Get More Vits

“Visionary have been working alongside myself and the Get More Vits team for just over a year. In that time, they have guided the company into the foodservice industry and helped simplify the process with their vast understanding and knowledge of the industry.
They have introduced us to the various organisations within the category such as TUCO, LACA and HCA, and their network has allowed us to build relationships with key personal in each organisation, opening the door to potential new customers we previously have been unable to contact.
Their commitment and hard work has contributed to us securing multiple suppliers within foodservice, and this advice has allowed us to effectively activate these accounts.”

Dominic Kristy

Evolved Snacks

"It is an absolute pleasure working with Visionary Food Solutions. It’s hard to find outsourced support that offers such value for time, and at start-up friendly rates. Visionary are very talented and knowledgeable, helping us develop our Foodservice strategy as well as contributing to our early sales. I really couldn’t recommend these guys enough to other brands!"

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