For the majority of us, be it in business or at home, it’s been hard to keep eyes on the prize during the pandemic as set backs and curveballs become the norm. I came to the end of a 20 year career in the travel industry and I watched my LinkedIn feed fill with ‘Seeking new opportunities’. I knew it was time for me to pivot into a world I had been dabbling - and spending - in for quite a while now.


Enter Seeks Beer, Craft Beer Emporium; combining a long time passion for craft beer with my knowledge and background in travel. My aim: to bridge that gap between the mass-market-low-value craft beer companies that chuck out whatever they can get in, and the high-end but unapproachable specialists where you need to know the secret knock just to open the door. brings together stunning and unique beers from the USA, across Europe and beyond, alongside unusual and distinguished brews from around the UK. At launch, with 85 product lines including rare beers sitting alongside more accessible styles and brands, I needed to ensure everyone had an in so I created the Bespoke Beer Drop.


This feature allows customers to send me a note saying ‘I like Punk IPA and Neck Oil… what else do you suggest?’, or ‘I want some special beers for Christmas’. I then curate a box specially for that person, and it has been really popular! Immediately a rapport and dialogue is created, with customers posting to social media and telling me what they are enjoying and why. As anyone who works in CRM will know: this is priceless marketing and customer retention.


Of course as an online shop customers can easily fill their own basket and it has been great to see what everyone is after. I have created a Beer Glossary, which is my effort to demystify some of the jargon around craft beer and get customers to start thinking about why they prefer one beer over another. The Beer Glossary covers hops, styles, abbreviations and terminology and is always evolving.

With lockdown2.0 in full swing and a Zoom-heavy Christmas on the horizon I’m pleased to be bringing something new to the table during this pandemic. I am about to launch beer tasting sets which will be a great way to turn an evening of drinks into something a little more engaging and fun. As with my time in travel, Seeks Beer is about me sharing experiences I love and helping people find their own happy place within a wide world of options.


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