Our entrepreneur of the month is Sally Wynter, the founder of MUHU gin. MUHU is a CBD infused gin, it is proudly British, but inspired by flavours and ingredients from across the world. We spoke with Sally to find out how MUHU started and what she loves most about being an entreprenuer!

What inspired you to start MUHU?

After uni I’d had an incredible experience travelling in South East Asia and fell in love with the vibrant colours and flavours it offered up. Gin is my favourite drink but when I got back I realised that the provenance driven brands didn’t really appeal to people my age. So I saw an opportunity to do something completely different

What do you enjoy the most about running your own company?

endless challenges. Having to wear every single hat - from marketing, to logistics and customer service - is exhausting but I’ve learnt more in the last year than I ever have before and that gives me a huge high. 

What are your predications of the CBD trends for 2020?

 think functional CBD products will be huge just as they are now in drinks - particularly tea. What I mean by that is a specific CBD product for when you wake up, one for post exercise recovery, perhaps one for bedtime. 

What is the best advice you could give your younger self and other people looking to enter the drink industry?

Don’t be put off by rejection or the fact that someone might not see eye to eye with your vision. Criticism is important. Sometimes you can take it on board but sometimes you won’t want to. Have conviction in your idea if you’ve researched it and still want to push ahead.

Is there any exciting things you have coming up in the next few weeks? 

I’ve just done a launch pop-up at WeWork for their Christmas party which was amazing! Getting face to face with people and hearing the incredible reviews feels so good after all the hard work. I’m having lots of conversations with bars that are on the cards for early next year - but nothing I can talk about just yet!