In France the misinterpretation between the use by and the best before dates found on food products’ packaging is responsible for 20% of food waste from the consumers. In fact, more than one French consumer out of two does not make the distinction between the two mentions before throwing away.

The idea is therefore to create tools to better inform consumers about the difference between the best-before date where the product may lose taste/quality but has no impact on the consumer’s health and the use by date where the product is no longer consumable.

In that context, the app Too Good To Go, which helps to combat waste, has launched a Pact signed by 52 main players in the food industry, including manufacturers such as Bel, Danone, or Materne and a large number of retailers like Auchan, Système U, Leclerc, Intermarché, Casino, Carrefour, etc. with the main purpose to educate the consumers and reduce waste.

For example, Carrefour has dedicated a number of shelves-end to short-dated products. At Auchan, we can find specific corners with signposts which include short-dated products or products with outdated best before dates. Thanks to the app and these actions put in place, 800,000 baskets have been saved at Auchan so far.

As for the manufacturers, they are all working on their packaging to include the logo "Before you throw it away: observe, smell, taste”.


Written by Sutralis