For the past few months, we have been researching and compiling together the most vegan friendly cities around the world… we are happy to present to you a list of the top cities!

We hope you enjoy!





This city is quickly becoming one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe with 51 restaurants and a delicious range of ethnic foods.

Anyone interested in visiting this beautiful place, go have a try of two sushi restaurants: Edamame and Youmiko Vegan Sushi.

The place to be is in Edamame, described by a reviewer on TripAdvisor “If you want to try some amazing authentic sushi in Warsaw Edamame Vegan Sushi is the place to be. It is definitely my favourite place to go for vegan food now!” According to National Geographic veganism goes hand in hand with political activism. There is an increasing level regarding climate change and other factors. Many people have been embracing veganism due to personal health.






Portland is considered heaven on earth for vegans, in fact, it has 50 eateries to choose from. You can find vegan themed everything, such as restaurants, markets, cafés and so on.

Oregon is house to the Vegan Mini Mall, a place exclusively for vegan shops all in one building. For example, The Herbivore Clothing Company where you can find eco-friendly items for your daily needs. A reviewer on The Herbivore Clothing Company suggests that “all the brands I have found online for vegan items are in this shop. Even different kinds of vegan chocolate! Very excited to find this place”





Although South Africa has a very meat-heavy diet, Cape Town hosts 59 veg-options restaurants. In some of the best, even carnivores agree that the options available would please the most “discriminating” palate. A spot we would recommend for tourists is Schekter Raw which is 100% plant-based diet. As the name suggests it serves raw dishes however, there are also cooked options.





Lima is a great destination for anyone considering going vegan or taking “less-meat” path. Local markets are a great inspiration for those who not only want to experience a new culture but also for people that would like to make a dish full of dried goods, fruits and vegetables. So, why not get new ingredients to cook and sample? American tourists have said that fruits here do not taste the same as in their country. Fruits like quinoa, lucuma and camu camu are awfully expensive elsewhere because of the nutritional value they offer. In Peru though, they are cheaper and more accessible because it is their country of cultivation. A great spot to eat for vegan enthusiast is Veda Restaurante, their menu is full of Peruvian dishes.





Another city on our list is Chiang Mai!

According to The Vegan Word, this Thailand city offers 30 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents. Some people even consider it the most vegan city in the world.

For those who would be eager to try something sweet but healthy, there is Khanom Khrok. It is a traditional Thai street food pancake made with rice flour and coconut milk. Chiang Mai also offers a lot of all you can eat buffets. You can find places like Pun Pun, an organic farm and learning centre, where locals practice sustainability through seed saving, natural building along with other learning activities.





Sydney has by far the most vegan establishments in Australia. If you are looking to eat more plant-based food in Sydney or just looking to adapt to a healthy lifestyle then keep in mind Gigi’s Pizzeria, Shift Eatery, Lentil as Anything to name a few. There is a vegan event which runs every third Sunday of the month called SVW, Sydney Vegan Market. It is the flagship event for Vegan NSW, a charity organisation with the purpose of inspiring, supporting, and growing the vegan movement in NSW.




Singapore, Malaysia

London, United Kingdom

Kyoto, Japan

Seattle, Washington

Ubud, Indonesia

Lisbon, Portugal

Salt Lake City, Utah

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prague, Czech Republic

Vancouver, Canada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tel Aviv, Israel



Notes on our searching:

Firstly, after complete research about vegan friendly restaurants we noticed that most of other research were based on vegan spots in a continent or country and so on. So, we decided to pick one city with the best plant-based places in each continent (in the case of Australia country and continent). For Europe we picked Warsaw, for America (we decided to divide America in two parts, America meaning the upper side and South America the southern) Oregon, for South America Lima, for Asia we chose Chiang Mai. We then proceeded by choosing Sydney for Australia and Cape Town for Africa.


Our finding come from reliable sources such as Statista, National Geographic, The Vegan Word, Happy Cow, EasyJet Traveller, Sydney Vegan Market and Flight Centre.

Some of the owners of the various study we have come across with have acknowledged that their methodology is not the only way to measure food options in a city per inhabitant.