Running a business is all plain sailing. If you believe that then you clearly have never run a business. When I say run a business, I don’t mean somewhere you’ve had a great job title and make lots of frequently difficult decisions that can effect lives but you still get to go home and wake up and go again regardless of the situation.

I mean running a business where every action, reaction on no action has an impact, a real impact, one that effects the ability to pay people, pay yourself, keep a roof over your family and food on the table. It may sound dramatic, but this is as real as real gets!

Founders, and business owners now live in a world of Linkedin and socials where the world looks rosy and amazing, the reality is most of the time we are all wearing a mask and presenting a world that looks far better than the reality. 

Having spent the last 10 years in senior roles and the last 3.5 owning and running my own business I know from experience this is as tough as it gets. You can run your business and control many aspects but unless you have achieved world domination you cannot yet control every aspect that can affect your business.

You may sell a product or service, either doesn’t matter, there can be things that happen that are outside of your control and if you don’t have the support of a strong team or the right experience around you these can be crippling for both you and your business. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses lose control and are unable to react and plan a way through the challenges.

But with the right support around you doing the right things, scanning the horizon and supporting you it’s possible to navigate the choppy waters…

…without having to worry about losing it all.

If this rings true with you and you’re facing some challenging times or would like to understand how some extra support could benefit your business, please get in touch. 


Rhys George