Welcome Tracy to our Team!

We had a new addition to our team in January! Everyone meet Tracy - Head of Brand and Client Development!  

Tell us about yourself:

Im Tracy! Head of Brand and Client development. I joined the team in January and have been loving every single minute. So far, I haven’t come off Zoom! I am a massive foodie, and have always worked in this industry! I have worked in roles from strategy creation through to Implementation! Key roles and specialties include UK Retail Channel Entry, Business Development, Brand Growth, Food & Drink Specialist, Account Management and Export (USA and UAE)

I have worked independently for some time and am so excited to join a bigger team and get stuck into bigger projects! And just meet up in an office (when restrictions allow).

What are your hobbies, interest:

My hobbies revolve a lot around food. Looking for new foods, traveling to try new foods, cooking for my family and eating! I also enjoy boxing classes! And I like to try new things such as paddle boarding – I did have a course booked for this as there is so many rivers around by me and I cannot wait to get going with it! On weekends I like to go cycling with my son! My dream would be to food travel! I would love to go to Malaysia and explore the food, culture and lifestyle! I’m secretly hoping that we can get aboard with some of our brands! 

What is your favourite food or drink? 

My all time favourite cocktail is a french martini, have you ever tried one?

What do you love about the food and drink industry:

  1. Innovation - I LOVE seeing innovation from every single brand we meet, and love hearing their journeys. 
  2. Passion of founders - I believe all of the hard work pays off for the brand. The successes and obstacles pay off when you finally get that listing you've been wishing for. 
  3. Passion of the industry - There is nothing more I love than seeing the successes for our industry, the smaller wins that add together. Linkedin, is a great tool for our industry, there is so much collaboration and engagement from service providers, founders, manufacturers and multinationals. 

What are you most excited about working with VFS?

Despite a tough year for most, a great opportunity flourished at the end of last year and building a relationship with Gareth has pivoted my business. It has allowed me to focus on what I love the most, delivering bespoke support for founders looking for growth in the UK or Global markets.  I cannot wait to see what this year brings with a strong team who have skills in all different areas and I am excited to get stuck in lots of exciting happenings! 


We can't wait for the time we can all meet up as a team again! Connect with Tracy here