Why should I trade in the USA?

Would your product fit in other markets? There is opportunity with Visionary for brands in the US and we have created a cost effective solution to get you there! Carry on reading to find out more about the market.

Lets get started with the facts about the food and drink industry in the USA

  • USA is the number one destination for uk food and drink exports globally worth 2.2billion (excl Ireland) (FDF, 2018)
  • 5 % Growth in value of exporting UK branded food and drink to the USA (FDF, 2020)
  • The USA ranks 6th in the world banks ease of doing business report (World Bank, 2018)

We spoke with our USA experts at Visionary. Keep reading to find out the key advice from our team about the USA market, how to get listed and what trends interest buyers and consumers.


What trends or types of product attracts US buyers?

We are finding that plant based, health & wellbeing products are being well received at the moment, with a current trend around Keto. In addition, buyers are taking an interest in the personal story behind a brand, and so some of our work with UK clients is creating that ‘origin story’ that really brings the personal element to the table.

Is now the right time?

The enforced lockdown environment brought about by the pandemic has seen an enormous movement toward home buying, with that comes competition amongst the stores, which leads to a desire to have the strongest product range.   Buyers are as receptive as they have ever been to new ideas, and so this presents a great opportunity for brands. There is also the change in political landscape, post-Brexit and with the US entering a new administration under Biden.  There appears to be some easing and in some cases, potential removing of tariffs, and this could prove to be welcome news for exporters in the UK.


How quickly could I get my product into the US?

This is often the Million Dollar question, and it is fair to say that the time frame can come down to where the client is in their journey to be ‘market ready’.  On average clients can be listed within 12 of the first meeting with us, though there are examples of that being done sooner, and some scenarios where it is necessary to take longer. The important factor in answering that question though is that we help a company to understand where they are right now, and what needs to be done to become ‘market ready’ so within a short period of talking to our team, a brand would have a more accurate expectation around what needs to be done and the likely timeline. We would love to have a chat about your brand in the US, feel free to get in touch if you would like to expand your knowledge or pick our brains!


The team at Visionary Food Solutions alongside our partners are supporting food and drink manufacturers to accelerate their businesses.  For more information contact info@visionarygroupltd.com and request our USA brochure.